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Home care

For many women in the world, every day ends with the same procedure: make-up removing.
We believe that this simple ritual is the most important secret of healthy skin and radiant beauty. Thanks to our brands Cotto Fleur and Cottolina, make-up removal has never been so effective, soothing and enjoyable.
We continue to use our know-how in the service of all women so that make-up removing can be not only the first step to beauty, but also a pleasant moment for yourself.
Discover our cotton pads and cotton buds!
Our products are always of high quality. We offer pads from 100% cotton, both smooth and with various patterns (honeycomb, strip, stitched edge), which effectively remove make-up, and the smooth side gently completes the cleansing process. For convenience, we offer a variety of packaging formats.
Our cotton buds are characterized by high-quality and voluminous winding, which does not jump off the stick and does not become fluffy when used. Packed in a plastic bag and traditional convenient plastic boxes.
We also produce products for kids under the brand Cotto Kiddy.