8 2-j Mervinskij Proezd, Ryazan

1896 year of foundation
Traditions Quality Innovations

History of the company

The First Guild merchant Ivan A. Drozdov opens cotton production in Meshchera region with branches in Kharkiv and Nizhny Novgorod.

The company produced daily up to 4500 kilograms of wool and up to 5600 kilograms of deoiled fibrous materials used for production of gunpowder and gun-cotton. The factory employed about 200 people.

1918 — 1922

Nationalization of the factory and its development during the Soviet period. The transformation of the factory to Cottontrust.

1941 — 1945

Production of strategically important goods for the war theater: mica-coated paper for the aviation industry and the state archives.


Consolidation of companies. Formation of  Klepiki cotton production association «Krasniy Oktyabr» with the head company in v. Yekshur with branches in Yegorovo, Pilevo, Yershovo. Building of a village for workers of the plant.


Renovation of the plant: new carding machines were purchased, a gas boiler was installed in the factory boiling-house, road infrastructure was developed.

1990 — 2000

Years of Perestroika, the most tragic period for the factory: staff turnover, wage arrears, bankruptcy, change of management, reorganization.


The factory was renovated: a new chemical plant was built, replacement of the carding machinery, total building renovation.


A new stage of development of the factory.

A new plant was built and a unique German equipment for production of nonwoven fabric was purchased.

March of 2017

Start of the manufacturing line for nonwoven fabric by Truetzschler with fiber hydroentangling system Aquajet.