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Healthcare products

Healthcare products are a category where we have been working for more than 120 years. Much has changed over the years, but cotton bleaching is still based on traditional principles: mature cotton (cotton combs), strict control of bleaching solutions, as well as thorough washing of raw materials after bleaching. We do not use for the production of cotton wool secondary raw materials and synthetic additives. We are the only company in Russia with a full cycle of cotton processing, which allows us to produce a natural product at a good price.
The accumulated experience and knowledge in this area led to the understanding of the need for new technologies for the creation of medical dressings.
By order of Rusvata, the German concern Truetzschler designed and manufactured a unique equipment that allows to create such a product.
In the production process, the spinning stage, in which fibers are twisted to form filaments, is replaced by hydroentangling. This technology made it possible to obtain a material that has microbiological inertness and is able to quickly absorb and retain more moisture. The absence of threads and lint prevents adhesion to the surface of the wound and allows to painlessly remove the bandage.
Based on the results of clinical studies and technical tests, the optimal ratio of fibers in the product composition was determined, which can significantly improve the quality characteristics of the dressing material.