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Product catalog Rusvata

“Rusvata” is a Russian manufacturer of cotton-based non-wovens.

The modern manufacturing line by Truetzschler allows production of non-woven materials based on cotton fibers with a cotton content of up to 100%, while the material can also contain viscose, polyester fibers or mixtures thereof in different ratios.

The production technology allows manufacturing of non-woven material with a wide range of basic weight from 35 g/m2 to 220 g/m2.

The slitting system forms a material width from 75 mm to 2300 mm.

Online-tracking of parameters of the production ensures stable quality of the non-woven material.

Additional control of quality and product safety is ensured by the presence of a metal detector and a fiber analyzing system.

Fiber hydroentangling system Aquajet makes possible production of both plain and patterned materials.

The line is equipped with a two-stage reverse osmosis filtration unit, which allows to retain up to 99% of all dissolved organic and inorganic compounds, while maintaining a continuous flow of water into the system.

Energy- and resource-saving filtration system Idrosistem allows to use process water in a closed cycle.

Rusvata produces non-woven fabric for:
• Baby wipes
• Household wipes
• Hygienic products
• Healthcare products
• Personal care products
• Industrial wipes