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Rusvata is the only manufacturer of cotton-based non-wovens in Russia

Rusvata carries out a full cycle of production of goods from natural cotton (from bleaching of cotton to manufacturing of a finished product). The full production cycle is an opportunity to control quality at all stages that allows to make high-quality goods in short terms, and to make them more affordable for the client thanks to flexible pricing.

Self-bleaching of cotton (the only in Russia) also allows to achieve high quality, competitive prices, possibility of differentiated selection of raw material for production of goods.


Manufacturing of medical goods - cotton wool

Manufacturing of non-woven cloth: standard, for medical consumables (medical dressing, wipes, bandages), web for cotton pads

Manufacturing of cotton sliver

The strategic direction is production of 100% cotton fabrics and cotton containing fabrics. Rusvata technology of production of non-woven cotton-based cloth provides an increase in absorption up to 2 times compared with the conventional gauze materials.

increased absorption

Manufacturing lines by Truetzschler are the world leader among manufacturers of equipment for the production of non-wovens. It covers the full production cycle, which ensures stable quality of the finished product.

manufacturing lines
The line is equipped with a three-level metal detector, which allows to avoid getting metal particles in the finished fabric.

Fiber sorter, which is a part of the line, by means of a combination of optical, sonar and UV systems allows to eliminate the possibility of foreign inclusions.

A unique set of equipment allows production of goods with a range of basic weights from 38 to 220 g/m2, mono-, two-, three-composite fabrics with a varied content of cotton, viscose and polyester fibers.

A unique device for tracking humidity and basic weight of fabric allows to check basic technological parameters online.

Two-step installation of reverse osmosis filtration allows to ensure the removal of bacteria and harmful viruses, collects 90 - 99% of all dissolved inorganic compounds, 95-99% of organic compounds, up to 100% of the colloidal impurities, while maintaining a continuous flow of water in the system.
collects 90-99%
of organic compounds
collects 95-99%
of organic compounds
collects 100%
of colloidal impurities

We produce medical goods and apply the same high standards to the quality of hygienic products

Quality control of finished products and components is provided by a certified production laboratory equipped with the latest equipment.